In 1997 the first in Latvia orchestra dance group was established. From the beginning up to now Mr. Gints Skribans has been the only choreographer and director of this dance group. Dance group history extends over several years, and this year group has celebrated it 15th anniversary. Together with the Talsi Brass Band the dance group, with splendid and active performances, is giving concerts not only in Latvia, but also in other countries.

Brass band Talsi

The Orchestra was founded in 1974. Its conductors are Raitis Rerihs and Karlis Rerihs, choreographer -- Gints Skribans. The Orchestra repertoire is diverse. One can hear classical music, popular music transcriptions for the brass band, as well as folk music and jazz. The orchestra has performed in the classy concert halls, as well as in the exciting parades together with our dancers in the streets and squares. Talsi Brass Band several times has been the winner of the Latvian Brass Band competition. It is loved beyond the borders of Latvia. It has visited and performed in Czech Republic, France, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Russia, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and the list goes on. In 2009 the Brass Band celebrated its 35th anniversary.